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Carte Blanche Menu

Vegetables play a leading role at Souvenir and that is why you can always choose between a vegetable menu and a vegetable and fish menu.

In 3, 5 or 7 courses.



carte blanche 3 courses 60€

carte blanche 5 courses €90

carte blanche 7 courses 130€ *




carte blanche 3 courses €65

carte blanche 5 courses €95

carte blanche 7 courses €135 *

(* last order 12h15 or 19h30)


On Friday evenings, weekend openings, the evening before public holidays, public holidays and Valentine’s Day, only Carte Blanche 7 courses.



Example menu


The above is always subject to changes in price, menu or concept.


On Monday, Thursday and Friday noon, we offer a

3-course lunch according to harvest and catch of the day.



LUNCH HARVEST vegetables

3 courses 55€

LUNCH HARVEST AND CATCH fish and vegetables

3 courses 55€

(only at noon)



from 27th of May till 12th of July 2024

lunch + 1 glass of wine + coffee or tea => 70€

(only at noon)



The above is always subject to changes in price, menu or concept.



At Souvenir, you can opt for a discovery through our selection of accompanying wines.


In addition, we offer a full non-alcoholic pairing via our accompanying juices.

We make these juices in cooperation with the kitchen, so that the taste experience far exceeds the sum of the parts.


Are you the designated driver? Then you will definitely find something to suit your taste in our mix formula.

No small glasses, but a generous glass with every dish.

In this context, we alternate wine and juice.


Would you prefer to choose a fine bottle?

Our wine list brings together a wide selection of renowned wineries and hard-to-find gems.



Souvenir Gent

Brabantdam 134

9000 Ghent

09 335 60 60 73


Parking: Reep or Zuid (at 300 meters)




We are open every evening from Monday to Friday and will be happy to receive you between 7 p.m. and 7.30 p.m.

On Mondays; Thursdays and Fridays we are also open at lunchtime and will be happy to receive you between noon and 1 p.m.



09/05/2024  – 12/05/2024

13/07/2024 – 05/08/2024

01/11/2024 – 11/11/2024

21/12/2024 – 06/01/2025



We accept Bancontact, Maestro, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and cash in euros (but not banknotes exceeding €200).



You can book in the Dining Room (a table) as well as at our marble Bar.

There is no difference between menus or dishes in these areas.

Are there 7 or more of you? Then choose our Private Dining Room. There, we only serve all-in formulas.

During busy services, groups of 4 persons or more can be moved from the Dining Room to our Private Dining Room.

Souvenir reserves the right to allocate the tables to ensure optimal and comfortable occupancy.



Allergies must be stated at the time of booking.

Any adjustments not requested in advance can result in a supplement.

Lactose-free/milk allergy adjustments and vegan are not possible within the style of Souvenir.



Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.

If you would like to bring children with you, please contact us for flexible solutions.

Some tables are accessible for wheelchairs but the toilet is not accessible.



Gift vouchers must be registered at the time of booking.

Only one voucher can be used per booking.

Please read the terms and conditions.

We are no longer selling new gift vouchers.

We do accept the Resengo voucher that can be used in many restaurants.

This allows the recipient to choose which restaurant he or she wants to visit with the voucher.




Souvenir is a small and fine restaurant. We would like to guarantee you your place, just as we would like to ask you to guarantee us your visit.

For certain services or as from a larger number of people, we work with a credit card guarantee to limit the number of last minute cancellations and no-shows.

More information about this can be found in our general terms and conditions. This is not an advance, just a credit card guarantee.


General terms and conditions.



about us

Souvenir opened in a modest building in Ypres in early 2014.

This was the start of Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson’s first business of his own.
Joke Michiel left her job in the media to help build the Souvenir story full-time.
Four years later, Souvenir was ranked 15.5 in Gault&Millau. The restaurant attracts many international customers and this has also resulted in a place in the OAD list of Top 100+ Best European Restaurants for several years now.

In 2018, Vilhjalmur and Joke decided to invest in their own building. Ghent emerged as a central location for most regular customers. Souvenir’s avant-garde seasonal cooking style attracts customers from close to home, but also from far away.

Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson of the restaurant Souvenir in Ghent is one of the young pioneers of Belgian gastronomy and also one of the Young Masters – Mastercooks of Belgium.

Souvenir is one of the few Belgian restaurants to feature in the European top 100 of the influential gastronomic website OAD (Opinionated About Dining). We also got a Michelin star in 2019.

In 2020, Michelin rewarded us with a Green Star for our sustainable operations.

Cooking with vegetables allows Vilhjalmur to experiment with hyper-realistic flavours and constantly renew his highly varied cuisine.


Text is summarised from the article by The Mastercooks






Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson has a personal relationship with nature. His kitchen lives on the rhythm of the fields. Rich in summer, earthy in winter. Sustainability comes first. The farmers with whom the chef works have become friends. He highlights their fresh harvest. Vegetables are the main ingredients here, with occasional attention to fish and meat (especially à la carte).
Chef Sigurdarson’s creativity seems endless. There are only a few ingredients on the plate, but behind their depth lies a great deal of technique and originality. Fermentation, smoking, marinating, burning, etc. Vegetables are given new shapes. The sauces are downright delicious. Here, each plate is spooned clean!
A place at the great bar at the front, in the former butcher’s shop, is a must. You won’t forget this experience any time soon.




We’re focused on vegetables because we believe that’s the future. We are very anchored to our region. We use the Root to Leaf principle and aim for a Zero Waste kitchen. What we’re trying to do is create a mindset change that we hope to see in more people.

We also extend our sustainable operations into our personnel policy.

Souvenir was Awarded with the international Parabere Care Award for creating a healthy work-life balance in hospitality employment and creating a sustainable work environment.


private dining room


carte blanche 5 or 7 courses all in formulas

the desired formula can be discussed via




aperitif with snacks

wines or juices



The above is always subject to changes in price, menu or concept.



In our Private Dining Room you can enjoy the cosiness just like at home.

At one large table for 7 to 11 people, we serve our Carte Blanche menu in six or seven courses with all drinks included.

You may use the space for the duration of your meal.

Extra time for a meeting or event before or after can be booked in advance at €15 per person per started hour (including soft drinks, water, coffee and service).

We also rent out the entire restaurant and will travel for your event.

In Souvenir you can book your Private Room for exclusive meetings, brainstorms, events and celebrations. Normal bookings give you access to the Private Room for the duration of the meal.

Extra time can be booked and must be requested in advance : 15€ pp / per hour. Coffee, fresh drinks and water included. Beamer available upon request.

More info or special requests?

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