le souvenir
des joies perdues
vaut mieux que
les désirs inassouvis


dining room


open: 12h00

lunch 2 courses 35€

(last order 13:30)


carte blanche 4 courses 58€

carte blanche 6 courses 78€

carte blanche 7 courses 98€

(last order 12h45)



open: 19h30
carte blanche 4 courses 58€

carte blanche 6 courses 78€

carte blanche 7 courses 98€


on friday  & public holiday eves: only carte blanche  98€

on the occasional saturday dinners: only carte blanche 98€


bar seats: from 1 to 4p per booking
dining room : max 6p per table
private room : 1 table _ 7 to 10p

Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson cooks with the ingredients provided by his vegetable and dairy farmers and his fishermen. Souvenir thus serves contemporary cuisine with local, seasonal products that are grown in an honest and sustainable way _ You can book your favourite Room : the Bar or the Dining Room . Looking forward to welcome you.

Click here for our current menu.

Lunch & Carte Blanche are built around vegetables and sea produce. Meat may be integrated as an accent (powder, sauce,…).


Prices and menus are subject to possible changes.

Menus can be adapted as long as it fits the style of Souvenir. Vegan is therefore not possible.

Allergies, vegetarian diets & pregnancy dietary requirements must be communicated in advance. A supplement of 10€ per dish will be charged for all changes requested upon arrival.



meeting room


lunch &
carte blanche


day from 10h to 16h
night from 18h30 to 23h30

private room

from 7 to 10 persons
request in advance

In Souvenir you can book your Private Room for exclusive meetings, brainstorms, events and celebrations. Normal bookings give you access to the Private Room for the duration of the meal.

Extra time can be booked and must be requested in advance : 15€ pp / per hour. Coffee and water included. Beamer available upon request.

More info or special requests? meet@souvenir.gent



COVID_19 LOCKDOWN 13_03_2020 midnight till 03_04_2020

Please book online.

All phone reservations will have to be confirmed online as well.


Choose to sit at the bar or in the dining room.

For bookings for 6p or more, please send an email to meet@souvenir.gent  .

Get in touch if we can help you find the right seats. One area might be full, but another area might leave some options.

No dogs allowed.

General terms & conditions.




get in touch


brabantdam 134
9000 gent
09 335 60 73

office phone:

9h-16h questions and future bookings

16h-… only same day bookings

Opening hours


saturday, sunday

Souvenir opens at 12h00 and at 19h30.

It is not possible to come in earlier.



till 03_04_2020

click here for LOCKDOWN FAQ


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Beste klanten,
Ingevolge de maatregelen opgelegd door de Federale regering, is restaurant Souvenir gesloten van 14 maart tot 19 april 2020.
=> Alle bestaande reserveringen in die periode worden automatisch geannuleerd.
=> Indien u een kredietkaartgarantie heeft toegekend, wordt die ook vrij gegeven. Deze kredietkaartgarantie is geen betaling, dus u hoeft zich geen zorgen te maken. Er wordt geen geld afgeboekt.
=> Indien u een voorschot heeft betaald, komt dit op een wachtrekening voor een later
=> Cadeaubonnen die vervallen in de periode van de verplichte sluiting, worden 2 maanden verlengd.
=> De Sharing Lunch actie wordt verlengd tot eind april.
=> Onze geplande vakantie van 5 tot 15 april 2020 is geannuleerd. Bijgevolg zullen wij de volledige Paasvakantie openen indien dit wordt toegelaten.
=> Voor meer informatie, vragen wij u om voorlopig enkel contact op te nemen via mail. Zo kunnen wij alle vragen rustig en zonder fout afwerken. office@souvenir.gent
Wij hopen dat u uw reservering kunt verplaatsen naar een ander moment in de nabije toekomst.

Onze excuses voor eventuele ongemakken.
Hartelijke groeten,

Dear clients,

Souvenir restaurant is closed from March 14 to April 19, 2020.
=> All reservations in that period are automatically canceled.
=> If you have put down a credit card guarantee, it will be released. This credit card guarantee is not a payment. No money is being taken from your card.
=> If you have paid an advance, this will be put on a waiting account for a future booking.
=> Gift vouchers that expire in the mandatory closing period are extended for 2 months.
=> For more information, we ask you to contact us by email for the time being. This way we can handle all questions quietly and without error.

We hope you can postpone your reservation to another time in the near future.
Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Kind regards,
Vilhjalmur & Joke